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In April 2012, the Greater London Authority inherited 635 hectares of land, making it one of the biggest public sector landowners in London. The Mayor pledged to release all the surplus land for development to encourage investment, create jobs and help meet London’s housing needs.

All of the developable land has now been released. This means that together with the GLA’s joint venture interests, nearly 50,000 homes will be built across the sites and almost 60,000 jobs in new workspaces. There’ll also be new schools, bridges, parks, health centres and community facilities.

The GLA has two controlled car parks, which provide 290 spaces. No revenue has been collected from parking charges or from the issuing of parking enforcement notices. LLDC has one controlled car park, which provides 111 spaces. Income for the current financial year is projected to be £163,000. Neither London Fire Brigade nor the Metropolitan Police Service operates controlled car parks.

Transport for London and its subsidiaries operate 70 car parks which are associated with operational railway stations. In total they provide approximately 10,000 spaces, and generate £10.2m annual net revenue from parking revenues, inclusive of parking enforcement notices. The car parks are managed under contract by NCP Ltd for a period of 5 years expiring in 2019.

The database provides details of the GLA portfolio and those of its functional bodies. Although the database covers the majority of properties, it is not the intention to show roads, railway lines etc., although this information is available on request.

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Help and definitions

The information below provides extra information and help for using the GLA's land and property portfolio website:

Please note: This database excludes numerous land slivers, transmitter sites, roads, railway lines and those properties/assets outside the "Greater London Authority" administration boundary.

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Saleable assetProperty subject to review but potential future disposal
InvestmentIncome producing asset that provides revenue for reinvestment in other projects
Subject to disposal processProperty either in the course of development or currently being disposed of
Operational assetProperty currently allocated for operational use
Limited marketabilityProperty interests with nominal value or retained to protect previous public sector investment


LLHLong Leasehold (over 20 years)

Building area(s)

The building area(s) are only available when they are relevant to the selected site.

Unique Property Reference Number

Given the nature of the GLA's property portfolio, Unique Property Reference Number's (UPRN's) are not available for the vast majority of its assets. The GLA therefore currently uses its own Asset ID system.

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Limited marketability
Operational asset
Saleable asset
Subject to disposal process

GLA Assets

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London Fire Brigade Assets

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Met. Police Assets

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LLDC Assets

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TFL Assets

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The data used within the GLA's land and property portfolio website includes only the GLA's assets based in London and was last updated on 11/23/2016. It is expected that the database will be updated four times a year. This data is also available on the London Datastore

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